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Connecting you to quality candidates

Say goodbye to complicated processes, multiple tools and even recruiters. Simplify your hiring experiences while collecting all the data you need to optimise for future growth of your team.


Automate your communications with candidates and save yourself hours of precious time.

Tailored Support

With years of experience, Conecta staff are always on hand to help with your specific hiring needs.

Cut Recruiter Fees

Cut out the middleman and save thousands on inefficient and ineffective recruiters.

Community Building

Make connections with warm candidates who will be ripe for the picking when new jobs arise.


Why companies join Conecta


Company Dashboard

All your essentials, in one place. Provide updates on job opportunities, draft new positions and view suggested candidates.

How It Work

Candidate Search

Find your next employee with our candidate search. If your best fit isn’t in-market, but has a profile, you can tap them on the shoulder.

How It Work

Quality over Quantity

Deeper understanding of prospects based on projects they have worked on, skills they have, industry experience, and company-culture fit.

How It Work

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