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Visibility and control hiring construction talent.

Access the best construction industry talent in one place. Discover candidates who match your criteria, control how you handle the process, hire the best fit for the role.

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Construction candidates in one place

Centralise your talent acquisition process and remove the reliance on recruiters. Simply input your criteria and immediately access the best candidates.


Streamline communication and save hours crafting emails.


Immediately view applicants, candidate quality, and responses.

Save Time & Money

Reduce spend on recruiters and job boards.

Community Building

Build your company’s brand among our community of candidates.


Why companies join Conecta


Company Dashboard

All your essentials, in one place. Provide updates on job opportunities, draft new positions and view suggested candidates.

How It Work

Search for prospects

Find your next employee with our candidate search. If your best fit isn’t in-market, but has a profile, you can tap them on the shoulder.

How It Work

Quality over Quantity

Deeper understanding of prospects based on projects they have worked on, skills they have, industry experience, and company-culture fit.

How It Work