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As you might have already guessed, Assistant Project Managers provide much-needed support to the Project Manager, whose workload tends to fluctuate and can often get overwhelming at various stages throughout any building project.

An Assistant Project Manager job will see you assisting in the planning and coordination of projects, taking on administrative duties and independently managing some elements of the project yourself, among other important assignments.

The role typically involves monitoring the project’s progress, keeping stakeholders in the loop, arranging meetings or consultations with other team members involved in the project, and a whole host of other responsibilities.

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Career pathways for Assistant Project Manager

The usual pathway for an Assistant Project Manager is into Project Manager role. Other pathways may include stepping into a Design Manager role or Commercial Manager role although this would be an unusual career path.

It’s typical to be in a Project Manager role for at least 10 years before taking your next career progressing step. This is especially true in Tier 1 & 2 construction companies. There are a variety of career paths for Project Managers, but we’ll focus on the more traditional ones.

If a project manager wants to continue working on projects, they can either take on a Senior Project Manager role, or they can become a Project Director. These roles usually involve overseeing large projects that are worth $200 million+.

If you’re not interested in becoming a Project Director, but would like to take on a managerial role, then you can consider Construction Manager. This type of role involves overseeing a team of Project Managers and  managing multiple projects.

What does an Assistant Project Manager do?

Assistant PM’s roles are essentially the same as a Senior Project Coordinator/Engineer job.

The duties of a senior project coordinator include preparing scopes of work, coordinating with internal and external stakeholders, and working with the project manager and the contract administrator.

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How to become an Assistant Project Manager

Beginning as a Cadet and/or Graduate in the role for 2-3 years. Alternatively many Tier 3 companies employ Graduates directly into Junior PM/APM, Junior CA or Junior PM roles.

The next step is into a Project Coordinator or Project Engineer role. After 4 years (on average) in the job, the next clear step is into Assistant Project Manager or Senior Project Coordinator.


  • Construction related degree/diploma or equivalent experience
  • Strong experience in building and maintaining rapport with multiple stakeholders
  • A construction induction card
  • Minimum 5-7 years post graduate experience

Some builders/firms fast track employees up the ladder, so investigate different firms. Check their LinkedIn profiles and look at the employment history of their teams. How long did it take them to climb the ladder (if that’s what you’re looking for)?

Next steps in your Assistant PM Career

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