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Project Coordinators and Project Engineers are in exceptionally high demand right now. Good Project Coordinators and Project Engineers have opportunities within many builders but especially within tier 2 & 3  experiencing high growth and accompanying hiring needs coming to the end of 2022.

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Project Coordinator or Project Engineer Career Pathways

After 2-3 years as a Cadet and/or Graduate, you’ll be promoted to Project Coordinator or Project Engineer. After another 4 years (on average) as a Project Coordinator or Project Engineer, the next clear step is into Assistant Project Manager or Senior Project Coordinator. After a further 3 years in that role the most taken pathway is into Project Manager.

A Project Manager has the opportunity to become a Project Director, Construction Manager and eventually a Director/State Manager dependant on the size of the builder and their organisational structure.

Should you be content in your Senior Project Coordinator role though, thats perfectly fine, too. Growth can happen through changes in project sectors and value ranges as an alternative to climbing the ladder. You could also consider a career in consulting rather than working directly for a builder. Skill sets and experience are built in many different ways so it’s important to consider what’s right for you.

You could also take a sideway step into the Estimation, Design or Contract Administration teams should your employer have these available and it was something you’d like to try. Ensuring you clearly communicate your career goals with your employer is key to living the dream job and enjoying going to work each day. Having them onboard to assist in acquiring the skills and experience you need to reach your next career goal is just as important as letting them know you’re happy exactly where you are.

How to become a construction Project Coordinator or Project Engineer

To become a Project Coordinator or Project Engineer you’re either accepted into a Graduate Program, usually only available in Tier 1/2 builders, or directly into a Project Coordinator or Project Engineer role in Tier 3. You’ll need a Bachelor Degree in Construction Management or equivalent and it would be helpful to have some site/builder experience gained through either paid or unpaid work experience or cadetship.

It’s possible to move across from site work such as Foreman or Site Manager should you wish to enter into a different type of role. This is unusual, however it’s definitely possible. Speaking with your employer and discussing if this could be an option for you is the best place to start. From there, mapping out and implementing a plan to learn the skill set required for this role is essential. It may be a pre-requisite to undertake a degree to get you further qualified as well.

Project Coordinator/Project Engineer Job Description

Working closely with the Site Supervisor/Foreman and reporting to the Project Manager, the Project Coordinator (also known as a Project Engineer depending on the builder you work for) is responsible for project delivery from commencement to completion. Monitoring the progress of works, the Project Coordinator or Project Engineer must regularly report on project delivery and ensure all milestones and/or key performance indicators are met.

The Project Coordinator or Project Engineer is responsible for the development and collation of documentation relating to the project, including reports and presentations. They possess strong time management skills, able to manage a meeting schedule across stakeholders and key personnel.

Candidates for a Project Coordinator or Project Engineer role must be strong communicators, able to liaise with external parties as well as senior management and site personnel. The Project Coordinator or Project Engineer role is responsible for the provision of support services as required by project management and stakeholders. They also frequently deal with contractors and suppliers and must obtain quotes, pricing and materials as required.

The Project Coordinator or Project Engineer must closely monitor all project objectives and ensure that expectations surrounding deadlines, budget, standards, safety, team management, procurement and reporting are met throughout the project.

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