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Commercial construction Site Manager job opportunities are currently in record numbers, reflecting the high number of projects in current development & those coming up needing management. Negotiating current salaries and taking the next step in your career are both great options right now. The demand for Site Managers will continue into 2023 and beyond.

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Commercial Construction Site Manager Career Pathways

Site Managers generally remain Site Managers for their entire careers. Options for personal growth and career expansion to consider may be widening experience across sectors or stepping into larger, or smaller, builders depending on the stage of career and personal circumstances. Instances where a Site Manager may decide to take a step backwards would be where they’ve decided to work hours, manage less stressful projects to spend time on other endeavours such as family, work/life balance or similar pursuits.

After a minimum of 7 years in a Site Manager role, an alternative pathway is to move into Senior Site Manager roles in a Tier 1 builder.

Further to this, if the business is large enough, a select number may then move into an Operational Manager role. The Operational Manager oversees multiple Site Managers. Similar to a Construction Manager, this type of Senior Site Manager is managing multiple Site Managers across multiple projects.

How to become a commercial construction Site Manager

There’s a few ways to become a Site Manager.
The usual pathway is direct from a Foreman/Person or Site Supervisor. This usually takes approximately 5+ years within these roles to progress into the Site Manager position.

There’s also the alternative for Site Engineers, Project Coordinators or Contract Administrators to move into a Site Manager career pathway. This would usually demand a stint as a Site Supervisor/Foreman role first before moving into Site Manager, however the time required may be less due to previous experience, level of builder and the current employment demands.

What does a commercial construction Site Manager do?

The Site Manager is responsible for overseeing the general operations of the job site. Sub-contractors will report directly to the Site Manager, and they are also responsible for liaising with clients and resolving any issues which may arise.

The Site Manager ensures that works are completed within safety, time and budget considerations. The Site Manager is also responsible for monitoring the delivery of materials and the preparation of site facilities or offices in use.

Site Managers report to Senior Management and the Project Manager on all aspects of the site and project progress. Candidates should possess strong knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety to ensure that safety regulations are adhered to at all times, by all personnel on site.

An interview with Peter Baker, Senior Site Manager.

Peter Baker, an esteemed industry recognised Senior Site Manager, shares the ins and outs of what makes a great commercial construction Site Manager.

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