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Senior Project Coordinators are in high demand for jobs right now due to the number of projects being tendered and won and the strong construction market heading into 2023.


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Senior Project Coordinator Career Pathways

The career pathway from Senior Project Coordinator can take a few different tracks: there’s not once size fits all in the commercial construction industry.


After 4 years as a Senior Project Coordinator or Senior Project Engineer (on average) a Senior Project Coordinator steps into a Project Manager role.


A Project Manager then traditionally moves into a Senior Project Manager role in larger construction firms, then into Construction Manager or Project Director. Next steps for these senior roles are usually Director/State Manager depending on the builder size and structure and possibly even on to become National Managers and possibly equity partner. Plan on a minimum 20 year career before reaching this exceptional level.


Dependant on your experience as a Project Coordinator, you may also have Contract Administration skills and this may be another path you may consider. Contract Administrator into Senior Contract Administrator and then on into Contract Management.


Another option is a sideway move into different silos: Estimation, Design, Project Management and Contracts being the 4 main options, with Operations and Admin/HR/Finance others to also consider.


These are all generalist construction career pathways and the more ‘normal’ ones taken, but maybe you’re not an ordinary construction professional. You have the opportunity to work within a Developer, Consultancy, Sub-contractor, Con-Tech, Supplier, Industry Body or Teaching firm as alternative career pathway. Given the right planning, mentoring and effort on your part, you really can be the master of your own destiny across many varieties of employers within the wider built environment industry.

How to become a construction Senior Project Coordinator

Beginning as a Cadet and/or Graduate in the role for 2-3 years. Next is being promoted into a Project Coordinator or Project Engineer role. After another 4 years (on average) as a Project Coordinator or Project Engineer, the next clear step is into Assistant Project Manager or Senior Project Coordinator.

  • Construction related degree/diploma or equivalent experience
  • Strong experience in building and maintaining rapport with multiple stakeholders
  • A construction induction card
  • Minimum 5-7 years post graduate experience

What does a construction Senior Project Coordinator do?

A Senior Project Coordinator is simply a more experienced Project Coordinator or Project Engineer. The key to becoming a sought after Senior Project Coordinator is delivering exceptional outcomes to customers: delivering on time, on budget and to the highest quality and safety standards possible.


Key tasks include preparing scopes of work and liaising with internal stakeholders such as the Project Manager, Contract Administrator and Site Manager as well as external stakeholders like the clients, consultants and community contacts throughout a project’s lifecycle.


Coordinating and managing subcontractors, identifying and managing risks and ensuring all Health, Safety, Environment and Quality and Design standards are adhered to is a big part of a Senior Project Coordinator’s duties.


A Senior Project Coordinator may have input into tender and ECI processes and assist CAs as required. Coaching and mentoring Project Coordinators, Graduates & Cadets is also a key requirement within many builders.


A Senior Project Coordinator needs strong communication skills along with a flexible approach & the ability to adapt to various sites.


You’ll be expected to be proficient across tech programs in Construction Management, QA, Safety, Project Management & workflows amongST others. Examples of tech are Aconex, Hammertech, MS Project & Bluebeam.

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