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The formal timeframe for Graduate Program recruitment is usually March/April each year in Australia, however many construction companies are always on the lookout for good candidates to join their teams, so it pays to keep an eye on the market at all times.

To assist you in your job search, we have created a comprehensive guide with a full Victorian Industry Directory of graduate programs & employers, as well as companies recruiting junior positions on Conecta, without formal Graduate Programs, including links to all application pages.

Construction Management Graduate Program & Job Guide.

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No jobs listed below? Entry positions aren’t always called “Graduate” jobs. Check the latest roles or create a profile on Conecta to view all current job opportunities direct from each employer on Conecta. 

If you’d like to work for a company but there are no open opportunities on Conecta right now, ‘star’ or ‘follow’ the company to be added to their Conecta Talent Pool. The company will reach out directly if/when they have relevant opportunities for you.

Current Jobs

Construction Management graduate programs & job opportunities


Larger construction organisations traditionally offer graduate programs with intake dates and application processes outlined on their company website.

Each builder will have different dates for intake, albeit usually with similar timings, with some offering multiple intakes per year. 

You can find a list of larger builders here, with website links directly to their grad programs or career page.

Alternatively you can check websites like SEEK Grad Connection or Grad Australia.

Some builders advertise & recruit directly from universities, so don’t forget to utilise this opportunity as well.


Conecta often has junior roles advertised directly from construction companies. 
On Conecta you deal with the employer from the get go (likely the Director or Construction Manager) with your application guaranteed to be seen.

Even if there are no roles advertised right now, companies talent pool and reach out directly to members they think may be a good fit for their business.

Following companies by clicking the star in the top right of their Conecta company card puts you into their Talent Pool and is another great way to get noticed.

Other options include growing your LinkedIn construction network and asking your connections to keep you in mind for any opportunities that arise within their business. 

The key to using LinkedIn successfully is to be clear about the job you want first, and making strategic connections based on this second. That includes considering the type of business you’d like to join; one that is also aligned with your personality, values, wants, needs & career aspirations.

Places to research companies include Conecta’s partner pages, individual company websites and LinkedIn.

Conecta is currently creating a specialist Construction Graduate Portal that will connect you directly to each company for graduate programs and/or junior positions. Watch this space!


Graduate Program selection

Construction companies will vary in how they manage their application and hiring process however this is an outline of what you can likely expect:

1. Submit application

Submit your CV and application, taking care to follow all instructions and include all necessary paperwork for each firm. Make sure to include all necessary details about your education and work experience. While site experience is a great addition to your short career history, it’s not a necessity.

Share how you’ve handled workplace conflict, grown your leadership skills and balanced work loads while studying, no matter where you’ve worked (Maccas included!). It’s all part of showcasing your skills and professional capabilities.

2. Online testing

Through testing, an employer gets to know you better by taking a look at your personality, situational judgment, and cognitive ability. They get a feel for culture fit, values alignment and what you’ll bring to their team. You’ll likely receive feedback on your performance.

3. Online interview

Ensure you prepare well for your online interview. Use our interview preparation advice to put yourself in a strong position.

Some employers may ask you to provide a short video introduction as part of your initial application process however should you progress further along, you’ll be invited to an online interview with the HR Team managing the graduate program selection. 

4. Group assessment

Selected applicants may be invited to participate in a group assessment and in-person interview.

5. Final selection

Successful applicants will be notified and given further information about next steps and start dates.

6. What if you’re not selected?

Don’t give up! There are many  alternative career pathways into construction management.  Many construction firms don’t have a formal graduate program but they still employ young, innovative people in their teams. Refer to our section on Construction Management Graduate pathway alternatives for ideas.

Construction Management Graduate pathway alternatives

Did you know you don’t actually NEED to complete a formal Graduate Program to get started in a successful career in construction?

Graduates can get a start at many leading construction firms by being hired directly into an Assistant Contract Administrator, Project Coordinator or Junior Estimator job, among others.

Tier 2 & 3 construction companies have job opportunities for construction professionals direct from completion of a Bachelor Degree. These firms still work on major projects and are large commercial organisations. Project values can range anywhere from $500k all the way to $100m.

Working within these ‘smaller’ businesses often gives you more direct access to senior leaders and may also offer greater mentoring & learning opportunities. You work closely with your line manager and usually have direct access higher up the management ladder. See Project Coordinator or Contract Administrator job pages for more information.

You can find a list of education providers for all education levels in our Industry Directory.

How to start a career in Construction Management

Interested in a career in Construction Management and/or Construction?

Traditional pathways into construction management are through a Bachelor’s Degree.

There are many degree options such as: Construction Management, Applied Science, Engineering, Architecture and Law.

Even technology degrees are an option these days with Construction Tech becoming a fast growing sector into 2023 and beyond. 

Other pathways include trade options. Trade qualified professionals such as carpenters, electricians, etc, may move into site supervisory roles and beyond. Further learning such as a Certificate IV in Building and Construction or a Diploma in Building and Construction provide additional skills to step into commercial construction management roles.

A list of education providers can be found in the Conecta Industry Directory.

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