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The Construction Manager is responsible for the planning and coordination of construction activities across all projects being undertaken. They are also responsible for ensuring that such activities adhere to company standards and expectations, the relevant contract, and industry and legislative regulations.

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The Construction Manager is closely involved with all projects, monitoring the performance of contractors as well as the achievement of any key performance indicators. Should these not be met, the Construction Manager should propose a plan to action areas of concern. They should also provide regular reporting on projects, including statistics on safety and budget, and project progress.

Candidates for Construction Manager should have strong interpersonal skills, as the role requires that they liaise with various parties as part of their duties. The Construction Manager must engage early with key contractors and manage these relationships throughout the duration of works. They should also be in regular communication with senior management and other key stakeholders.

Other duties include general project planning and administration, budgeting, negotiating with clients, and overseeing matters relating to people, safety, environment and industry.

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