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Assistant Contract Administrator

As an Assistant Contract Administrator, your primary role is to share the workload of the Contract Administrator, to ensure operations run smoothly and deadlines are met.

This involves helping the Contract Administrator to efficiently manage the contracts that have been made with third parties – from clients and subcontractors, to suppliers and anyone else involved in the building project.

An Assistant Contract Administrator job will see you preparing documents, arranging meetings for the Contract Administrator, liaising with contractors and maintaining contract files.

In the likely event that the Contracts Administrator finds themselves preoccupied with other responsibilities at times, the Assistant Contract Administrator must be able to step up and assist in preparations, negotiate with sub-contractors regarding quotes and letting of contracts, and other key duties that are typically handled by the Contract Administrator.

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What other duties does an Assistant Contract Administrator’s job include?

  • Taking care of the documentation for new contracts
  • Drafting “invitation to tender” letters and contractor agreement forms
  • Monitoring contractors’ performance and periodically compiling assessment reports
  • Reviewing contractor invoices and contractual clauses to ensure 100% accuracy
  • Any other tasks that the Contracts Administrator may ask of them


How to qualify for Assistant Contracts Administrator recruitment

To successfully progress through the Assistant Contracts Administrator recruitment process, you will need to demonstrate remarkable attention to detail and very solid organisational skills.

Overlooking any minor errors in a contract can potentially cause legal issues and have significant financial repercussions, so you can expect hiring managers to test you with documents that require meticulous scrutiny.

A solid background in the intricacies of acquisition processes and contract laws is highly desirable, so an Associate Degree in Acquisition & Contract Management is a huge asset. Failing that, a business administration degree might also satisfy most hiring managers who are recruiting for this role.

If you find that you are eligible for Assistant Contracts Administrator positions, your skills might also align with Assistant Project Manager, Design Coordinator, Site Supervisor and Estimator roles.


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