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Contract Administrator in construction plays a key role in developing and reviewing contracts and projects. They are usually the first point of contact between their company and external parties.

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The Contract Administrator collaborates with project managers, architects and other professionals to ensure the goals of a project. They are responsible for all paperwork associated with contracts, projects and services provided; and are the first point of contact in resolving any queries or issues that may arise concerning these matters.

The Contract Administrator also will oversee works, and report to senior management both during the project and after its completion; collecting relevant data and reporting this back in terms of project outcomes and efficiencies.

The Contract Administrator always has the company as a first priority and thus, in reviewing contracts and other documentation, must consider this information from the standpoint of potential profitability or issues that may arise.

A strong Contract Administrator candidate must possess strong attention to detail as they are responsible for important documentation that is circulated amongst many different parties. They must be able to pull out key ideas and information from text to share with relevant personnel involved with the project. Strong communication skills are essential.

Candidates should also regularly review changes in policy and legislation that may impact the industry, and update internal documentation accordingly to ensure adherence is maintained at all times.

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