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The role of a Services Manager in construction is very important. In addition to designing, installing and maintaining essential services and equipment for whichever projects your firm is currently developing, the Services Manager works closely alongside estimators and construction delivery teams to ensure the building design includes efficient, affordable and high quality services.

The job involves constant reviewing of installation plans and specifications in order to ensure they continue to deliver what the building needs as designs change. It’s a highly collaborative job, as much negotiating is required in regards to ensuring there’s enough space between walls and in the ceiling for things like ventilation systems, insulation, electrical wiring, plumbing and so on.

Services Managers are also tasked with testing installations, advising clients, presenting innovative ideas, and making sure all work surrounding the building services strictly adheres to health and safety requirements.

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If you are “technically minded” and work well in a team environment, a career in services management could be the ideal profession for you. The work also provides enormous satisfaction, as your input has a direct impact on the overall layout and aesthetic of the completed building project.

To be eligible for a Services Manager position, employers will typically require you to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, professional chartership/registration within the jurisdiction, and several years’ experience in both building services and some form of management.

Your Conecta profile is an opportunity to broadcast these skills and qualifications, and thus increase your likelihood of being noticed by hiring managers who are looking to fill Services Manager positions within their construction company.


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It’s also a valuable resource for staying up to date on important news and developments in Australia’s building sector.


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