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Design Coordinator

The job of a Design Coordinator is exciting, challenging and ultimately rewarding, as you play a crucial role in the final product of the completed building project.

While there might be numerous designers involved in any given project, the Design Coordinator must take each designer’s contribution and integrate them into a single, seamless design that is ready for construction.

Aside from removing any clashes in design components, this process reduces costs, delays and ideally it prevents any issues from emerging during construction.

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What does the role of a Design Coordinator entail?

  • Overseeing and managing the entire design of the building project
  • Establishing design management protocols so that everyone is on the same page
  • Clear communication with lead designers, design sub-contractors, consultants, project managers, stakeholders, client teams and anyone else who is involved in the overall project
  • Delivering fully coordinated design proposals and information
  • Monitoring production of the design and reviewing progress to ensure everything is on track according to plan
  • Managing documentation and maintaining records

To thrive in a Design Coordinator role, you must be able to efficiently manage project time and cost constraints, and carry an in-depth knowledge of how the design process works, both in preconstruction and construction.

Problem-solving is also a crucial asset to succeeding in the recruitment process, as Design Coordinators must resolve design issues on a constant basis. By clearly conveying that you are highly proficient in these areas on your Conecta profile, the more likely you are to secure an exciting Design Coordinator role.


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These roles span from Design Coordinators to Commercial Managers, Contract Administrators, Estimators, Services Engineers and more.


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